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I guess all I can say is that I pretty much just pwn. period. i know it. you know it. your mom knows it. the whole world knows it.

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I wanted to make a log of all of my bans from the BBS and maybe j00 n00bs may actually learn something...

1.) Backseat modding for 3 days by Zerok(?)
2.) Replying to thread with a two word response for 1 day by BBM
3.) Some guy was asking where he could watch a movie online and I suggested he torrent, which resulted in a locked thread and ban of 30 days by JonasAtNewgrounds
4.) Backseat modding for telling the op that it belonged on his user page for 3 days by Poozy
5.) Some nub was asking why he always had to refresh his pages on the internet and I suggested he delete his System32, then I got banned by Jade for 3 day
6.) A "girl" started a thread about bikini waxing. I actually did read the whole thing, but in my post i said that i stopped after "i got my first bikini wax" and quoted rule 30 of the internet (there are no girls on the internet). Apparently "did not read" posts aren't allowed which got me a 2 day ban from Rig.
7.) Someone had a computer question, someone in the thread responded "delete your system 32", I said enjoy your ban. Apparently that gets you a 3 day ban from Dry-Ice.

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Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Jump on 10 enemies 5 Points

Jump on 10 enemies

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first Kill

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