Entry #3

My Ban History...or Banistory

2009-04-10 12:33:50 by BlindShoemaker

I wanted to make a log of all of my bans from the BBS and maybe j00 n00bs may actually learn something...

1.) Backseat modding for 3 days by Zerok(?)
2.) Replying to thread with a two word response for 1 day by BBM
3.) Some guy was asking where he could watch a movie online and I suggested he torrent, which resulted in a locked thread and ban of 30 days by JonasAtNewgrounds
4.) Backseat modding for telling the op that it belonged on his user page for 3 days by Poozy
5.) Some nub was asking why he always had to refresh his pages on the internet and I suggested he delete his System32, then I got banned by Jade for 3 day
6.) A "girl" started a thread about bikini waxing. I actually did read the whole thing, but in my post i said that i stopped after "i got my first bikini wax" and quoted rule 30 of the internet (there are no girls on the internet). Apparently "did not read" posts aren't allowed which got me a 2 day ban from Rig.
7.) Someone had a computer question, someone in the thread responded "delete your system 32", I said enjoy your ban. Apparently that gets you a 3 day ban from Dry-Ice.


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2009-04-10 12:57:43

I too got a ban

Just like any normal teen, I enjoy tickling my prostate. I make dildoes out of caulk, duct tape and socks, connect miniature beach balls to bike pumps to blow up in my rectum and utilize produce, but things took a turn for the worst last night.

It was 3:00am and I knew that no one would be awake for another two or three hours. I got all the necessary tools and ran off into the shower. this time I decided I'd see how many colored pencils I could fit in my rectum, so I began the count. One, two, three, fourteen, twenty two up until I got to a most gut bust thirty two, the pain becoming almost unbearable. I then went for one last pencil lubing it up with petroleum jelly and slid it in when I felt something pop, rip and snap. A horrid pain overcame my gut and my legs gave out causing me to fall backwards and the pencils to puncture my rectal walls and enter deep into my stomach. To make matters worse I reached into the bleeding mess quickly gripping the log of colored pencils now crammed into my ass and yanked it out causing me to pull out a pink sock as long as my forearm.

Turning the water off, I laid there in my own pool of blood and agony thinking that nothing could actually get worse, but as it turned out, EyeLovePoozy had been banging on the door the entire time telling me that he had work in five minutes and was coming in whether I liked it or not. He burst through the door and saw everything. Luckily I was able to get to the hospital in enough time but I got blood absolutely everywhere and Poozy has kicked me out of his house and banned me.

BlindShoemaker responds:

wait a second...i don't believe this for a second

poozy would never let you in his house


2009-04-14 19:59:54

why the fuck should you get banned for any of those except #1?

the other 4 are just unfair.

BlindShoemaker responds:

that's exactly what i'm saying, and the first one i just asking for a thread to be locked...


2009-04-15 11:06:13

Check out this song, vote 5. This song is the best on newgrounds guys! It should be made known!

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/229913

BlindShoemaker responds:

wow promoting your own song, shameless, shameless...


2009-04-15 11:07:45

Check out this song, vote 5. This song is the best on newgrounds guys! It should be made known!

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/229913

BlindShoemaker responds:



2009-04-18 15:51:40

I've noticed any time a "girl" posts on the BBS and is greeted with rule 30 it always results in a ban, despite the fact there's nothing in the rules against sexism. Since when has Newgrounds become so damn politically correct?

BlindShoemaker responds:

i actually thought this place was a haven of sexism


2009-04-26 14:31:21

I don't see how 1, 5 or 6 are illogical.

But I'm not saying that you deserved them.

30 days is a bit extreme.


2009-05-03 23:22:14

At 5/3/09 01:15 PM, Kooblo wrote:
Try deleting system32 in C:\windows\
At 5/3/09 05:35 PM, BlindShoemaker wrote:
enjoy your 3 day ban

It's posts like these that get you banned.... I think that instead of complaining about bans, you should just learn from them (weather you think they're fair or not) and move on. If a mod bans you for posting two words, then don't post two-worded replies... If a mod bans you for suggesting warez/torrenting, then don't provide that solution in the future.

There's a reason why mods tag reasons to their bans.

BlindShoemaker responds:

I'm not ranting, okay well maybe i am, but honestly i plan on being on ng for a long time, a i just wanted to keep a record of how many/long, by whom, etc. so i would never forget, and also maybe so yall could learn something too


2009-07-14 08:01:55

Ha, I suggested that someone use a torrent, and I got a 3 day ban.

BlindShoemaker responds:

hahahaha HI FIVE!


2009-07-14 13:15:20


BlindShoemaker responds:

you're welcome *cough...mods...cough*


2009-07-14 20:31:13

All of those bans make sense (number 2 depends on which two words). But yeah, a 30 day ban is long :/

You may want to read this, it's about BBS rules and stuff:
http://zerok.newgrounds.com/news/post /119824


2009-12-01 22:11:45

NG used to let a lot more things slide.... :(


2011-02-15 12:03:35

That was a good read, thank you!